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From the very beginning, we understood that our task was to unveil the interests, concerns and demands of our society with both feeling and care. Constant search for innovation, sustainability, excellence in the design and close collaboration with our clients are the main themes of our work.


In our projects, we study and define all the aspects regarding construction, landscape and installation requirements for an optimal result. Advanced technologies are used to develop new sustainable and renewable energy solutions, closely related to our commitment to environmental performance.


Our work reflects a careful analysis of light and shadow effects, shape and colour, texture and materials. Everyday objects and needs are the point of departure for numerous plans and creative sketches, which lead us to unlimited design possibilities.


Our design process starts with sketches and ideas which are transformed into working models, 3D models, images and diagrams together with plans, calculations and economic studies according to each project.


We are a multidisciplinary architecture company with more than 30 years of experience in the design and construction of residential complexes, corporate headquarters, business parks, tourist developments, hotels complexes, commercial and leisure areas, master planning, shops and furniture design.


Abarrategui closely coordinates the whole work of all the advisers involved in each project. Our team has an extensive experience in both new construction and restoration projects. In our commitment towards innovation an education we get young professionals involved in the design and development of every project.


To meet new design requirements we have developed flexible technologies to adapt to different working environments. In this way it also helps us in the creation and implementation of projects where several sectors are involved.


We really trust that paying attention and taking care of the needs of people will contribute to make a better society. Therefore, it is our highest aim to design flexible, comfortable and sustainable spaces, never forgetting optimal quality-cost relationships.


We work in permanent contact with our clients in the identification of their needs and creating the conditions that will allow the project to manage the creative process by itself.


One of the critical aspects of this process is the cost element. To create is to choose one between countless possibilities. Our work is permanently evaluated ensuring that all the projects are done within the established time limits and respecting the budget.


We are aware of the fact that our clients put all their trust in us from the very moment that we embark on a project. To show our appreciation to them, we work on achieving excellence in the design as well as a sound management of the resources and deadlines assigned by our clients.

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